3 Million, We’re Looking at You!

Community Team
Community Team



This last month has been an incredible celebration of our Instructure Community. We’ve taken time to feature moments from our history and focus on contributions throughout the Community. Now, it’s time to place the spotlight on the potential of our future. Where will we be at 3 Million? It’s time to get that panda-shaped crystal ball I referenced a few weeks ago!


2 Million in 2023

Looking ahead, we’re giddy to think about the continued connections, sharing, and learning opportunities that will be a part of our journey to 3 Million members, but we don’t want to miss the opportunity to put a stake in the ground for our 2023 milestones. Each and every one of you is instrumental to the overall success of this Community - the data speaks for itself. 

From January through November 2023, there were: 

  • 2.01 million Community members
  • over 18.4 million unique individuals who visited the Community
  • 30.3 million guide views
  • 5,300 new questions posted with over 3.9 million solutions viewed
  • 515 new blog posts
  • 88 Instructure Live events

And here are some of our favorite things we’ve done to improve your Community experience! We’re proud of these accomplishments, and we recognize that feedback from Community members like you was a key source of inspiration. We couldn’t accomplish the things we do without your partnership.


3 Million in 20XX?

We'd love your assistance as we set goals for 2024 and beyond - directly influencing what appears in the Instructure Community Team’s panda-shaped crystal ball. The 2023 Community Check-in Survey is your opportunity to add your voice and perspectives to the goals and strategies we set.  (Update 2024.01.03 - Thank you to everyone who participated! The survey is now closed.) 

Additionally, we’d like for you to share a prediction or two about when we will hit the 3 Million member mark, and how you think this Community may be different from how it is now! Tell us in a comment, right on this blog!

Be as creative as you'd like with your predictions, but here are some questions to get started:

  • When do you think we will hit 3M?
  • How many products do you think will be included in the Instructure Community when we welcome our 3 millionth member?
  • What will be the most popular part of the Community at that time?


Did someone say swag?

Each person who completes the feedback form or makes a prediction will earn a limited-edition Two Million Strong digital badge for their Community profile. 

10 Community members who complete the survey linked above AND leave a prediction as a comment to this blog on or before December 17, 2023 at 11:59p MT will be entered into a drawing to win Community Swag. A confirmation email will be sent to all winners by December 19.


With my whole heart, Thank you! 

What started as a small - yet enthusiastic - following of passionate Canvas users has grown into this powerful, insightful, and generous global peer network. It’s thrilling to think about the dedication of all of you, the Instructure Community’s members, and the immense growth we’ve experienced together. Remember, since 2020, we’ve quadrupled in our numbers. In that same time frame, we’ve welcomed four new product families into the Community, and we eagerly await the fifth next year with Parchment. Everything that we accomplish in the Instructure Community, we accomplish together.


Until next time, see you in the Community!