Canvas Release Notes Publishing Day is Changing

Community Team
Community Team


TL;DR Canvas Release Notes will be published two days after updates are added to the Beta environment.

Hello, Community friends!

Over the last couple of months, we have noticed there has been an increase in release updates that have required edits to the notes after they have been published in the Community. 

To give some background, Canvas release notes are currently published on a Monday, the same day updates are added to the Beta environment. However, if a hiccup arises such as an update not making the beta cut, needing more testing, etc., edits are made to the release notes after they are published in the Community. 

We recognize that editing notes after publishing can create gaps for users who have read the notes previously. To combat this, we will publish Canvas release notes two days after updates are added to the Beta environment (typically this publication would occur on a Wednesday). Doing so will allow more time to ensure the information included in the notes is as accurate as possible and lessen the need for edits. 

To learn more about beta cut dates and release note publishing dates, check out the Release calendar.