Community Coaches Program Relaunch

Community Team
Community Team

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tl;dr -- Today’s a big day for the Instructure Community! We’re acknowledging a significant milestone for Instructure’s Community Coaches program.

Since 2015, Community Coaches have been an important part of our success. These in-house experts openly assist peers, seek creative solutions, and author amazing resources. They’re recognized and respected throughout the Community as leaders!

This group of esteemed individuals has historically been invite-only and limited to a small group. With its relaunch today, Community Coaches has expanded to be an incredible force of 50 individuals who share a goal to uplift, network, and collaborate with all Community members across Canvas, Mastery, Elevate, Impact, and Learn Platform. They’re passionate about Instructure products and strive to improve the teaching and learning experience.

Also starting today, as a thank you to our most dedicated Community members, Community Coaches will have access to exclusive opportunities to contribute to Instructure-sponsored projects and use their experience and insights to help shape the future of Instructure.

Why are these individuals referred to as Coaches?

With peer collaboration at the heart of all things that this group does in the Community, it feels natural to use the term coach. It’s a word that’s inclusive and celebrates how one can inspire change or support professional growth.

How do I know someone is a Community Coach?

Next to their username, you’ll notice a C and their username will be in bold red text.

Who gets chosen to be a Coach? How do I get involved?

Any Community member can become a Community Coach! We will invite the most active and helpful Community members to fill any vacant roster spaces twice a year. You can decide where you’d like to contribute! You can answer questions, write blogs, and host events! We’re always looking to recognize enthusiastic, helpful, and kind individuals! 


To learn more about the program, read Who are the Community Coaches?