Community Updates 06-17-2024: Product Blog Subscriptions

Community Team
Community Team


The Instructure Product Blog is by far the most popular blog in the Instructure Community. Thousands of you subscribe to and read the updates from our product teams. Until today, it’s only been possible to subscribe to everything in the Product Blog or nothing, which created some extra noise in your inbox for posts you might not be interested in.

We’re introducing a new way to subscribe and stay up-to-date with the latest posts from the Product Blog and only see the topics you care about: label subscriptions. With label subscriptions, you can easily manage which products or topics you get updates for from the Product Blog. For example, if you only want to be notified of new posts about Canvas LMS, you can select the Canvas LMS label subscription in the new subscription management modal and only receive notifications for posts labeled with Canvas LMS.

The label subscription option allows you to easily customize your Product Blog subscriptions and pick and choose which posts are included in your inbox. You can select as many or few as you want when subscribing and you can always manage or remove subscriptions later if you change your mind.

Before you subscribe using labels, we strongly encourage you to Unsubscribe from The Product Blog board-level subscription. This is the current subscription method and automatically sends you all new posts. If you subscribe using labels and remain subscribed at the board level, you will receive duplicate notifications (and have a very busy inbox!). If you are subscribed to The Product Blog at the board level, you will see a new component in the sidebar prompting you to Unsubscribe. Click the Unsubscribe button to remove the subscription and then use the new label subscription tool in the header to subscribe to individual labels.

The label subscription functionality will be available later this week.

Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 12.35.40 PM.png

To subscribe to the Product Blog using label subscriptions, click the Subscribe button.

Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 12.33.51 PM.png

Check the checkbox next to each product or topic you wish to subscribe to.

After you have made your selections, click the Subscribe button. You will automatically be subscribed to all the selected labels.

To subscribe to all labels, click the Select All button then click the Subscribe button.

Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 12.34.12 PM.png

Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 12.34.34 PM.png

To manage your subscriptions, subscribe to additional labels, or remove subscriptions, click the Manage Subscriptions button. The Manage Subscriptions button only displays if you are already subscribed to at least one label.

Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 12.35.09 PM.png

When managing subscriptions, labels you already subscribe to will display a checked checkbox.

Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 12.39.10 PM.png

To remove a subscription, select the label subscription(s) you want to remove. Any selected subscriptions will be removed and you will no longer receive notifications for content with those labels. After you select the labels you want to remove, click the Remove Selected Subscription(s) link.

Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 12.37.35 PM.png