Community: Welcome! Come on in!

Community Coach
Community Coach

What does COMMUNITY mean to you?

We all interpret the word COMMUNITY in different ways.  We all live in some type of community...whether in a small town, in a residential community, etc.  In these types of communities, we might be in the same part of the world, but we have different interests.  For me, it's having a sense of belonging...that you feel welcome.  Community is also sharing and talking about common interests...even in smaller group settings.


Are you a part of a community (Canvas, work, or neighborhood)? What brought you there, or how did you initially get connected?

One community that I feel very connected to is my church family.  My family moved to Fond du Lac, WI my junior year of college.  Since then, my family has all moved out of state, but I have remained in Fond du Lac.  Finding a good church "home" is important to my family, and we found that in Ascension Lutheran Church.  I've gotten to know so many great people there that will be friends for years to come.  It's much more than community for me there.  In a way, it's like having a second family saying, "Welcome!  Come on in!"


Over the past few years, I've taken a big interest in board games.  Though I don't get to play as often as I'd like, I am a part of a few online communities on Facebook that are centered around the board game hobby.  Some groups are more general, and different games are talked about daily.  Other groups are more specific and only discuss one particular game.  Though I don't know the majority of people in those groups (literally thousands and thousands of people), I feel comfortable asking questions in those groups when I don't understand the rules.  Most people in those communities are helpful.


A third community I'm part of is right here, the Canvas Community.  I first found out about the Community and started asking question in the old Community website when we partnered with Instructure about five years ago.  People were so helpful (and still are!), and I was able to learn lots just by asking questions...and eventually trying to help respond to others, too.


What motivates you to be an active participant in your community or group?

Plain and simple...I like helping others, and I like trying to help troubleshoot issues.  From the board game perspective, I like gathering with others to have a game night to have friendly competitions or even work together (yes, there are co-op games) to achieve a common goal.


Have you used Canvas in a way that helps you or your team reach a unique goal for your community?

My work team is in the process of creating a "Center for Online & Digital Learning" course in Canvas where our instructors can come to find a variety of resources such as course design info, accessibility info, links to Guides here in the Community, our newsletter archive, a calendar of training events, and much more.


How has your involvement impacted your life?

In both my church community and here in the Canvas Community, I've made a lot of great friends over the past several years.  I will treasure that always.



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