Day 9: CanvasLIVE Event Types

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni
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On the ninth day of Canvasmas, the Canvas Community gave to me: nine CanvasLIVE Event Types…


I have a lot of reasons why I love the Community, but one of those is certainly the free CanvasLIVE events. For those that may not know, CanvasLIVE is a virtual event destination for all Canvas users. CanvasLIVE is made of different event types that may be hosted by Instructure Employees, Community members, and/or Canvas Partners. The sessions are designed to help users improve and enhance their teaching and learning with Canvas.


Within the CanvasLIVE calendar, you have nine different event types that you can use to sort and narrow down to find exactly what you are looking for:

  • Meet-Up
  • Quick Demo
  • Presentation
  • Panel Discussion
  • Twitter Chat
  • Live-Stream Workshop
  • Canvas Course
  • Workshop
  • Conference


For information on the event types, their descriptions, and examples, I suggest you view the CanvasLIVE Document: What are the CanvasLIVE event types?


To get to the calendar so you can start to navigate through the event types, start from the Community>CanvasLIVE>View All Events:


Sorting your CanvasLIVE calendar by event type is really helpful and personalizes your Community experience. You can see what meet-ups are happening, if you want to join a twitter chat, or if you only have a few minutes and want to learn something in a quick demo.


As we start to wrap up the 12 Days of Canvasmas, I want to wish you a happy and joyous 2018! Let’s take the Community to a most awesome place!




As a bonus to day nine, there are also nine CanvasLIVE category types! Just like the event types, you can search and sort by the categories as well. What’s great about sorting by categories is that it will also show you historical events, so you can continue your learning and not have to wait for an event! Those categories are:

  • Roll-Out and Onboarding
  • Course Design
  • Student Engagement
  • Mobile Experience
  • Assessment and Grading
  • Technical & Admin
  • Data and Analytics
  • External Tools & Apps
  • Community & Other