It's Time to Kondo | May 2019 Blogging Challenge

Community Team
Community Team

The Meta Community received some outstanding blogs in the Reflect and Celebrate and Share the Joy Blogging Challenges. It’s exciting that we get to collaborate once again. This is the final of the three blogging challenges currently planned for 2019. Share your stories and best practices while also learning from others!




Marie Kondo has sparked a decluttering obsession. ( While Konmari focuses on the tidying of our living spaces, it’s very likely that some of Kondo’s philosophies can also be applied to our virtual learning environments. After all, for the amount of time that some of us spend in our Canvas courses, it can begin to feel like a “home” of sorts.


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Here are a few questions to inspire you as you begin to write. You do not need to answer all of the prompts; just pick what inspires you!

  • Share how you approach instructional or course design. How do you organize content so it’s efficient for both instructors and students? What tips and/or tools can you share?
  • Explain how you structure course flow. How do you keep content and learning experiences “tidy”? Does it make a difference for learners? If so, how?
  • At the start of a new term, how do you determine what is clutter and what has been hoarded? Do you have a process that works as you sift and sort through your courses’ content?
  • When closing a course, do you have any rituals like reflection or reorganization? How do you make sure you only “keep what brings you joy”?


Between now and May 31st, set aside some time for some reflection and writing. To begin sharing your story, you will need to find the Meta Community Group. (If you aren’t already a member of this group, you will need to join this group in order to publish your blog post.) At the bottom of this introductory blog, you will see a button that says “Write a Blog”. After clicking, a template will be copied for you to use as you write your blog!


Please leave the May19 and Blogging Challenge tags intact when you publish your blog. These tags make it possible for all of the contributions for this particular blogging challenge to be found in one place, and for the blogs to be connected to one another. Also, if the tags are missing, you may not get the recognition you deserve or qualify for the rewards.





All authors who submit a blog post before May 31st will receive 250 Community points and receive an exclusive badge added to their profile in the Canvas Community.  Please be patient as this badge and reward points will be awarded manually.




Additional point prizes will also be rewarded:


250 additional points = Top 10 posts based on likes, views, bookmarks, shares, quality of comments, and the opinions of the Canvas Community Managers + Coaches


500 additional points = #1 Winner (from the Top 5) will be determined by the Community in a poll





  • May 31, 2019: All posts must be published in the Meta Community Group using the template linked to the “Write a Blog” button below to be considered for the Top 5. Posts published after the deadline will be welcomed, but they will not be considered for this contest.
  • June 3, 2019: The top 5 blog posts will be announced in a poll and will be eligible for voting. Authors will have two weeks to increase the visibility and ranking of their blog. Share it, Tweet it, get people to read and rate it, comment on it, etc. to help surface your story to the top!
  • June 17, 2019: The overall winner will be announced.





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