New Year, New Role



Happy New Year Everyone! 

As we are all reflecting on the past year and thinking about the future, I thought I would share a bit about my new journey at Instructure. 

I can’t believe I just celebrated my 10-year Pandaversary! I started a decade ago at Instructure to lead Canvas Network and our Partners program. Fast forward a few years, and I began running various components of our customer experience team. Then, I became our first Chief Customer Experience Officer in 2019. 

Through all of those roles and experiences, I have been able to stay connected not only to our incredible team and customers but also to my passion for the practices of teaching and learning. That passion is the foundation for my new role as our first Chief Academic Officer

As I focus all of my energy on the Chief Academic Officer role starting today, I’m so excited to welcome Rachel Orston as Instructure’s new Chief Customer Experience Officer. Rachel brings a passion for education and a wealth of experience to the role (you can read more about her in our press release.) This move is an exciting sign that Instructure continues investing in creating an exceptional customer experience. 

I promise to share a lot more about the work of our Academic Relations team in the coming months. However, many of you have asked what I will be leading. In short, I have four key focus areas: thought leadership & research, government affairs, partnerships with industry associations & working groups, and internal employee enablement around the education landscape. 

I am so excited to work with our incredible Instructure Community and beyond. More to come as 2024 unfolds!

Reach out anytime with ideas, insights, projects, or anything. I would love to connect.