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What is the Canvas test environment?

What is the Canvas test environment?

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The Canvas test environment allows admins and instructors to test real data without affecting the production environment, such as adding users, testing course content, and/or troubleshooting issues. The test environment can also be configured with production-ready features, such as access to an institution's login authentication system.

The test environment is separate from the Canvas beta environment.

When are new features added to test?

The test environment inherits new and updated features added to the production environment every three weeks. Learn more about the test release schedule in

How do I access the test environment?

Canvas admins and instructors can access the test environment by adding test in their Canvas URL (e.g. The test environment includes certain limitations as noted in the Canvas guide for each user role:

What happens to my content in the test environment?

The test environment is updated every three weeks after the production release. Any content added to or modified in the test environment will be overwritten by content in the production environment every three weeks. Test is not available for use when the environment is being refreshed.

How do I find out about new features available in test?

If you want to keep up on the latest production features in Canvas, visit the Release Notes page in the Canvas Community. 

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