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The Canvas Releases and Deploys page indicates features that are available in the production environment on the indicated date. Click the title of a release or deploy notes to view the full release or deploy.

For functionality either planned or currently in development, please see the Canvas Product Roadmap.

For features only available in the beta environment, please see Beta Environment Feature Feedback.

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Canvas Release Notes (2023-02-18)

No feature updates available, see notes for Upcoming Canvas Changes; the next scheduled release will be 2023-03-18.

Canvas Deploy Notes (2023-02-15)

Interface Updates

  • Rich Content Editor: Keyboard Shortcut Modal Update | All Users Beta Release Delayed

Other Updates

  • Rich Content Editor: Rich Content Editor Supports Pasting and the Drag and Drop of Content | All Users

Canvas Deploy Notes (2023-02-01)

Interface Updates

  • Pages: Front Page Tag Update | Admin, Instructors

Other Updates

  • Language: Bahasa Melayu | All Users [Added 2023-01-27]
Feature Options
  • Assignments: LTI Deep Linking Line Items | Admin, Instructors

Canvas Release Notes (2023-01-21)

Updated Features

  • Canvas Help Menu: Training Services Portal in Canvas Instance| All Users [Added 2023-01-04]

Other Updates

  • Inbox: Improved Inbox Functionality| All Users [Feature Delayed as of 2023-01-24]

Canvas Deploy Notes (2023-01-18)

Other Updates

  • Course and People: Whitespace Stripped During Account Course and User Search | Admin

Canvas Deploy Notes (2023-01-04)

Interface Updates

  • Gradebook: Missing Status Keyboard Shortcut | Admin, Instructors
  • Rich Content Editor: Single Click Toolbar Buttons | All Users [Added 2023-01-05]

Other Updates

  • Grades Printing Individual Assignment Feedback Comments | All Users

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