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Course Pacing vs. Pace Plans Feature Comparison

Course Pacing vs. Pace Plans Feature Comparison

Last Updated 2022-05-20

The following table shows the current functionality available in Pace Plans compared to the functionality in Course Pacing. Additional functionality for Course Pacing will continue to be added per the timeline in the Course Pacing User Group. 

It is important to note that Course Pacing, while similar, is not a direct replacement for Pace Plans, which is an LTI tool built by the Instructure Professional Services team and purchased by some users. 



Pace Plans

Course Pacing

Ability to configure in *

Ability to configure in *

Enable at sub-account/course levels 

Manage a Course pacing

Manage a Section pacing

Manage a student pacing

Reporting on a pacing


Pause a student plan


Skip weekends

Setting blackout dates for an account


Setting blackout dates for at sub-account


Setting blackout dates for a course

Canvas VPAT compliant


Responsive design


Available in all regions


- supported

% - Partial solution 

x - Not supported

* - Not supported; workaround option

^ - Not yet available

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