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How do I manage Course Pacing for a student?

How do I manage Course Pacing for a student?

If enabled by your institution, you can use Course Pacing to define a pace in which students must complete course tasks. This allows students with different start dates to have the same time frame in which they must complete course tasks.


  • The Course Pacing feature preview is in active development. To provide direct feedback about this feature, please post in the Course Pacing user group.
  • Course Pacing must be enabled in the course settings.
  • If the Course Pacing feature preview is not available in your course, the feature has not been enabled by your institution.
  • A Course Pace has to be created before you can manage individual students.

Open Course Pacing

Open Course Pacing

In Course Navigation, click the Course Pacing link.

View Course Pacing

To manage a students course pacing, click the Students link.

Select Student

You can select a student using the Search for students search field [1] or click the student's name [2].

Manage Student Pacing

The student's end date is based on your determined course end date [1].

The student's assigned due dates display based on their enrollment date and the course pace [2].

Publish Course Pace

Publish Course Pace

To save your changes, click the Create Pace button.

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We are not semester based, and occasionally need to extend the overall course-end-date beyond what it was set to originally.  Is there a method by which we could do this and have all remaining course-pacing deadlines be recalulated?

We are in the same situation as @KBMassingill and would love to see a way for a 1-month course extension to recalculate the remaining suggested due dates. 

We have self-paced workshops where this would be great for, but only if it "started" upon a student's enrollment date and then the time limit would be based on a certain number of days, and not bound by a specific date...curious if the date piece could be ONE of the options for how course pacing is set, and not just the only option.

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