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We were validating some course counts and noticed that the "Test Student" is counting towards our enrollments.

Our CD2 Users has 20K "test students". I looked at the user's workflow state, but the majority (~13.6K) are "registered"

However, when we search in the GUI, we only get ~50 "Test Student" records.

Is there an easy way to weed them out?

I know just excluding = "test student" will get a bunch, but there's also that weird thing in Canvas where if someone has set a language, then the test student's name is in that language as well (e.g, "Estudiante de prueba").

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Students created by the "Student View" button will not show up in People GUI. 

In the enrollments table, there is a type column with the enum "StudentViewEnrollment". You can use that to filter out Test Students created by the Student View function

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