Canvas Data 2 500 errors: "Unexpected key 'StartAfter' found in params"

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Hi --

I'm trying to use the Canvas Data 2 API, and I'm getting 500 errors when I call the /getCompacted/<tableName> endpoint (seemingly with any table). The error message is:

"Unexpected key 'StartAfter' found in params"

however I am not including the StartAfter parameter in my requests. I'm guessing that it's getting injected on the server side somehow. 

This may be the same issue that was reported by @manilpit , @sonnyd and @tong_feng .

@oxana  - are you any closer to having some API docs available? It seems that the CD2 API is too unstable even for experimentation purposes and it probably makes sense for everyone to hold off on trying to do anything with it for now; do you have a sense when it'll be ready for us to look at again?




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