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Since we are using RedShelf LTI is there a way to do a report out of canvas to pull the Course ID numbers out without having to go into each course one at a time. I was able to write a SQL statement to do this for our Moodle instance but would like to have some way to do this in Canvas. The one I wrote for Moodle was

select Shortname as 'Course Name', id, visible as Active, idnumber from mdl_course where
shortname like '%21/FA%'

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Do you have access to pull a Provisioning Report either through the front end or via the API? That will give you a CSV that you could load into a database to do what you describe. I think Canvas Data is a little overkill for this particular use case.

I pull a provisioning report every morning to cache "locally" so that I can do things just like this. I have automated it to pull the report through the API and drop it into a MySQL table. Actually, several tables as you can pull files for Courses, Enrollments, SubAccounts, Terms, etc.. pretty much anything you can upload via CSV you can grab a snapshot of as it stands in Canvas.

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