Canvas Studio Viewing Data - course and sub account level

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Hello there.  I attached what I found about Studio data.  It is useful, but not what I need.  I want to answer a question that will inform decisions about media production resources. 

My question is pretty basic.  "Are students viewing our Canvas Studio videos in courses we developed with our SMEs in our course development workshop?"  For example, a 12 module course may have 6 module-level lecture videos.  I would want to know if students enrolled in that course are viewing the videos?  Are they viewing all of them? Are they viewing them in real-time or perhaps fast-forwarding or skipping around? Is there a relationship to student video viewing and course grade?  Do students who do not watch the videos have different course grades than students who do?  

And to make my dilemma harder, I'd want to know about Canvas Studio Video student user viewing throughout a program, not limited to just one of the courses in the program.