How are the SubAccount Analytics calculated?

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I've asked our Business Intelligence team to total the files uploaded, discussion topics created, assignments created, and media recordings for sub-accounts to recreate our own version of Subaccount Analytics. Our team is able to summarize the first three, but we aren't sure how "media recordings" are calculated.

>> Is there data for "Media Recordings" in the portal? If not, how is this number aggregated?

To get to a subaccount analytics:[somenumber]/analytics

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 10.38.42 AM.png

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Hello Hong,

Media Objects are indeed shown inside of Canvas Data. However maybe not in the places you expect them. For example you can look in submission_dim at the submission_type field. There are a couple other places they are used as well, such as in the conversation_dim. As for how it's calculated in the UI. It actually looks at an internal field called "MediaObject".. That number is a calculation of all media objects that are active, and are attached to a course in the subaccount you're looking at.

Since we don't export MediaObjects. I did some tests, and it appears there are a couple contexts where you can't get an exact count, e.g. theres at least one media here. I've opened an internal request to add MediaObjects to the export so you can at least grab the same count, and maybe get a few more pieces of info on context for pieces of media.

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