How to study the data in web_logs table

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Hi all,


According the datasets from CD2,

It states that web_logs defines as follow:

Stores the Canvas web application server access/request logs.

Logs include all interactions made with your instance of Canvas, therefore some interactions are done by users that are not present in the users table (originated from another institution).


Our management would like to know the number of requests for each user, but we find out that the number of requests for the specific user (from web_logs) is actually more that his actual behaviors. I just think that it is because when the user access a page, for example click 'Home' navigation, the page itself included many 'get' and 'post' requests within the 'Home' page, and it shall log many request records in web_logs table for just one click.


May I ask is my assumption is correct?


Please advise. Many Thanks

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