Quiz Version in CD2?

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I'm working with exported data from CD2.  I'm trying to understand how a version of a quiz submission (QUIZ_SUBMISSIONS.QUIZ_VERSION) relates to the version of the quiz.  I don't see a version assigned at the quiz level in the QUIZZES table.  So how do I relate the submission to the correct version of a quiz?  Or is this implicit since a submission relates to one and only one row in the QUIZZES table?


I found the following article in the troubleshooting sections that talks about quiz versions and how students seem to be able to submit against different quiz versions.


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I know this is a bit old, but I think the answer is that you can't.  There are some things that Instructure has explicitly stated that they only have the most recent version (quiz submissions), but I believe that quizzes (with respect to versions) is actually the same.  The quiz (and associated quiz_questions) appear to be the current point in time.  

I believe the versions table, which is not exposed in CD2, is the key to unlocking previous versions, but have no idea what other information from wherever else is required to actually construct the content of the past quiz version.

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