pysqlsync - no rows to upsert/insert - tsv2py not solving issue, syncdb not updating postgres

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Good morning folks!

After updating to the new stable release of the DAP CLI tool, I was able to smooth out some existing issues which some of you have already experienced:

TCI_KEEPIDLE issue was an OS/Python issue

"Please use initdb" when trying to use syncdb was corrected by updating to the new stable release of 1.1.0

However, my issue now is that syncdb commands run, "data successfully retrieved" but alas by tables are not updated. I noted that on another thread, it was suggested to pip upgrade tsv2py, including from source.

I am running:

Windows 11, Postgres 16.0.2, Python 9.12.13

Weird thing is, this issue ONLY applies to namespace canvas, not canvas_logs (for the web_logs) table.

I would really really appreciate any help!

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