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What does this file do and how can I manipulate it with impunity? Smiley Happy

The reason I'm asking about this is I noticed if I delete the dataFiles directory, after having processed the Canvas Data, the CanvasDataCli command does not recognize the fact I need the data redownloaded. It looks at this state file for the information. Which number should I have in the state.json file to enable a full download again?

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Hello Robert,

The state.json file is the current state of downloaded files for the CLI. Since the CLI doesn't want to parse through all the files it's downloaded to see where it is (reason it says the sequence). It counts where it is in the sequence (why it doesn't redownload everything even when you delete the directory). The best bet is just to remove the file altogether if you want to reset your downloads. However you can also use it to go back to specific download points (say you lost the harddrive for your latest 10 files), you can reset the state.json back by 10, and once again redownload them.

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