web_logs - Please cancel planned change to remove user_agent_id on 2023-12-16

Community Participant

I recommend that the planned change to remove the user_agent_id column from web_logs be cancelled for a later time. Instead, just provide null contents for the column.

Changing table structure affects those of us who maintain ongoing replicas of CD2 tables and breaks the attendant processing, especially if .csv format is used.  Use of parquet or json format reduces some of the immediate trauma, however, at some point, the reconstituted version of the table needs to be dropped and recreated. 

More importantly, the web_logs table is a special case. Some of us had been using the requests table for time series analysis and have converted to using web_logs by adding converted requests table records to the 30 day web_logs snapshot.   Approximately twenty steps are needed in my environment to add the additional columns and recreate the history. The 12/16/2023 change will probably need as many.  Just remember that after the new snapshot is taken, we need to drop and recreate the incremental tables and change the procedures associated with the application of the incremental records to the original snapshot. 

Note that the elimination of the user_agents table would not be a significant issue.