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Grades not passing back into CANVAS Gradebook

Good evening Developers, 

First, Happy Friday!

I work for a digital curriculum provider and we are starting to see grades are not passing back into CANVAS Gradebook for a few customers. The majority of our customers are working normally and grades show up. We have confirmed with the customer that there isn't a firewall / internet filter related issue and the CANVAS. 

Is anyone aware of a CANVAS Administration option that could be blocking this feature. I feel like there is something in the configuration of this particular CANVAS customer. Unfortunately there is only one teacher and this particular school that is having this problem. We have confirmed the External Tool three times and the students are able to access the assignment, complete the assignment, the detailed summary is shown, and we can find the grade on our server. The grade is not being passed back to the teacher. 

If you need more detail please let me know and thank you for your time, 



Thomas E. Bennett

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