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Remove forgot password option

Our institution authenticates users through our LDAP configuration. We are having an issue with teachers clicking "Forgot Password" wanting to reset their account password. This option doesn't work as their password is associated with their main user account. Is there a way to remove the "Forgot Password" link from the login page of the new UI?

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Hi Josh,

At our institution, we also use LDAP currently for Canvas authentication. The URL I have for the Forgot Password link points to a College webpage that direct users on the "proper way" to change their password. Is that an option for you?


The Canvas Administrator for your system can remove it using custom CSS or they can change the URL that it points to on the Authentication Settings page which can be found at the following link which you will have to input your institution prefix:

https://<your instutition>​

The custom CSS could be something like this I think:

#login_forgot_password {display:none;}

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It could be... I'm new to this side of Canvas. How do you go about changing where it points to?

You are amazing my friend! Thank you!

 @jshepard ​,  if you or your admin clicks on "Admin" on the navigation menu then "Authentication" you will see a "Forgot Password URL" where you can set to where that link points.  We use LDAP also and have that URL point to the student side of our SIS portal.

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We also use LDAP.  At first I was really enthused about the idea of redirecting the forgot password link on our login page, but then realized that our parents need it. 

I'm wondering if there's a report or extract that we could pull that provides the user passwords?  It actually doesn't even need to give the passwords stored in the system (could show asterisks). I'd be looking for users who have Canvas passwords, where they should be blank.  We want to be sure that students haven't input their own passwords, which would allow them to continue to login after having left the district.  Parent accounts could easily be identified by their usernames.  Thanks for any ideas!

You could use Custom Javascript to create two forgot password links. Change the default link's text to say "Parents - Forgot Password?" and then add a link to your password reset page for LDAP that says "Students - Forgot Password?". The Canvas administrator would have to upload the custom Javascript.