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Starting point for building LTI

I am a beginner for building an LTI and would like to build an LTI that redirects to my website using an iframe. Are there any materials and examples for building this kind of LTI?

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Community Advocate

Hi David,

I thought I was leaving this for someone with more experience to reply. I'm sure they will stop by soon.

We have an LTI. However, my previous teammate worked out the technical parts of LTIs, and I have not yet tackled that part of the code. I'm going to drop some links below based on what we used. I hope it get's you started.

Recipe for Making LTI 1 Tool Providers | IMS Global Learning Consortium 

Learning Tools Interoperability | IMS Global Learning Consortium 

Learning Tools Interoperability: Sample Code | IMS Global Learning Consortium 

Download IMS Interoperability Standards | IMS Global Learning Consortium 


If all you want is a redirect (no need for authentication), checkout the "Redirect Tool" LTI App (Go to course settings, choose Apps, then search for it).  It may do everything you want without any coding.

Redirect Tool


If you do need to code a full app, I would suggest starting here:

Introduction to LTI Apps: Canvas Dev and Friends 

I still haven't gotten to building my first, but when I do I likely will base it on code from UCF:

GitHub - ucfopen/lti-template-flask: LTI template written in Python using the Flask framework. Quick... 


Just wanted to second the recommendation for the Canvas Dev and Friends tutorial!