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Surveyor II

With manually created Users... Password not working

Hi All.

So after creating a user via posting to the api within my function..  The user gets created fine.  However when I try logging in as that user using the password I generated in my function it is not allowing me to do so.

Am I incorrect in assuming I should be able to login with the password I provided within the pseudonym[password] parameter?






'pseudonym[unique_id]=' + email +
'&user[name]=' + name +
'&user[short_name]=' + (null != shortName ? shortName : name) +
'&user[time_zone]=Eastern Time (US & Canada)' +
'&user[birthdate]=' +
'&user[terms_of_use]=false' +
'&user[skip_registration]=true' +
'&communication_channel[skip_confirmation]=true' +
'&pseudonym[password]=' + password +
'&pseudonym[send_confirmation]=false' +
'&pseudonym[sis_user_id]=' + userUID +
'&enable_sis_reactivation=true' +
'&pseudonym[authentication_provider_id]=saml' +

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