Discussion Facilitators

Community Participant

We have a need to be able to add faculty as discussion facilitators that do not have the Teacher role.  Due to FERPA rules, these individuals do not need access to the Grades or only to the 'group' they're grading, but groups will only allow the addition of students to groups.  With Sakai we could limit interaction of groups and add instructors limited to grading their group so it's functionality we've lost with Canvas.  We are avoiding manual sections because they present an issue with sending grades back through ILP. So would prefer to use Groups. 

Sections cause issues if the discussions are graded when sending them back to ILP - it sends the grade to the Gradebook but when submitting to banner it shows a grade for both sections. If the section wasn't created from SIS it fails to send the grades.  The Registrar would be required to add all the sections for the small discussions groups and add the facilitators to the sections so the grades would pass back. The only alternative is to give them all Teacher and allow them to see all students grades and not only the ones they're responsible to grade.   


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