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Feedback Request: Barrier(s) to Adopting the Redesign

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Hi everyone, we have the following updates coming to Discussions Redesign. Will solving these issues in Coming Soon give you or your institution the confidence to enable the Discussions Redesign Feature Preview flag? If not, please comment (kindly) on what is missing and your specific use case.

Coming Soon

  • draft state in RCE
  • your reply appearing immediately after submitting
  • role pills visible for all roles
  • adding sort by options (Newest Thread, Oldest Thread, Recent Reply, Most Replies)
  • file attachments not showing up
  • students can report an inappropriate/harmful reply

We're also in discovery for the features below. Are any of the items listed below barriers to adopting the redesign?

In Discovery

  • expand/collapse threads in the topic page
  • synchronous features
  • limited nesting
  • anonymity features

If you are currently using Discussion Redesign for your course, we'd love to hear how it's going for you as well!

Best, Katrina