Fix Toolbar Presentation in Mobile App and Studio Webcam Recording

Community Participant

I'm happy to see that the Discussion Redesign is now available in the mobile app. One of the things it adds is access to the RCE which opens up the ability for students to access Canvas Studio in a discussion board. This is something we have wanted for a long time, and I have noticed that more and more students are using the mobile app to complete coursework. 

Although the RCE is available, you have to scroll the toolbar to access all the options. Something that would not be intuitive to the users. I would suggest making a change to make it easier to access all the items in the toolbar. 

Discussion Redesign Mobile App.png

The second thing that I have tried is doing a Webcam record with Canvas Studio in the Discussion Redesign on mobile. It didn't work for me. The window just kept spinning for me. However, I am able to choose a video that already exists on my phone. This is a step forward, but it would be nice to be able to directly record into Studio like you can on a browser.