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Glitchy and slow interface

Is it just me or does the new discussions glitch out a lot, and really bog down your system? Specifically if I have one set of replies open and I click on another it switches to the new one, then closes the slide over. It regularly feels like the interface is a few steps behind me. Doing anything quickly also seems to lock up my system a little. Well to be fair I'm in Chrome so it's probably chrome having issues, but still.

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I've observed that in order to transition to view a set of replies to another post that I need to click twice.  To illustrate, if I am viewing the replies for #1 I then have to click the link for #2 twice.  But there are times when I am viewing #1 and if I click just once at #2 the sidebar content updates and then the sidebar closes.



Sidebar transitioningSidebar transitioning


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Yeah, that feels like a bug rather than an intended implementation
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