Mentions - how does this work?

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How does the new mentions feature work?  What does it do?

How is a student made aware of the mention?  Or an instructor?

How does this effect notifications?


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Hi @Jeff_F, the @mention feature is available in Discussions redesign. Legacy discussions does not offer this feature. The way it works is:

  1. when you type "@ + [character]" in the Discussions reply RCE you will see an address book that allows you to select a person in the course
  2. when you select a person's name, you will see the it displayed in the reply
  3. when you click the reply button, they receive an email notification that they've been mentioned in a post

There is a new Notification setting for Mentions which is defaulted to notify immediately which you can change.

Instructors will only see a notification if they are the one who was tagged. 

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