Some questions and issues with Discussions Redesign

Community Participant

I've had the following questions raise while writing some training materials for Discussions Redesign for our faculty:

  1. Which notification preference controls post report messages?
  2. Why do reported posts not show in the teacher todo? Why are discussions with reported posts not marked on the Discussions page instead of requiring the teacher to check inside each discussion?
  3. When a discussion is created from modules, it is immediately actually created. Many people work "top down" by creating placeholders for everything and then go back to fill in the details later. While this technically matches the behavior of Pages, Assignments, and Quizzes, it introduces broken functionality with Discussions Redesign. Any discussions created from modules will be forced with anonymity off, which cannot be turned on later.
  4. What is the origin of the anonymous avatar? I have two tester accounts that have the same name and they have the same avatar. This is a problem because sometimes students do have the same name (sometimes even in the same course -- it happens often enough in my school, and Instructure's aware of this to have implemented disambiguation measures in a few places). It also seems to be the same across different courses, which could seriously be a de-anonymizer as people are in courses together.