How do I configure unexcused absence indicators for my institution in Admin Settings?

In Elevate K-12 Analytics Admin Settings, the Unexcused Indicator setting allows you to specify an attendance category as an unexcused absence attendance type. The displayed attendance categories reflect categories used in your institution's Student Information System (SIS).

Open Administration Page

Open Administration Page

In the Navigation Menu, click the Admin link.

Open Settings

In the Elevate K-12 Analytics Administration page, click the Settings link.

Open Unexcused Indicator

Open Attendance Event Category Type

The Settings menu displays the Academics settings options [1].

Click the Attendance link [2]. Then click the Unexcused Indicator link [3].

View Unexcused Indicator Setting

View Unexcused Indicator Setting

The Unexcused Indicator setting displays your institution's attendance categories in the Attendance Event Categories list [1].

To find a category in the list, you can search by name or view only unmapped categories [2]. Learn more about viewing and managing settings.

Set Unexcused Categories

Set Unexcused Indicator

By default, none of the attendance categories is selected as an unexcused absence indicator. To set a category as unexcused, click the disabled toggle [1].

Categories set as unexcused indicators display a enabled toggle [2].

Set Multiple Unexcused Categories

To set multiple categories as unexcused at once, click the category checkboxes [1]. Then, click the Assign selected items to drop-down menu [2].

To set the selected event categories as unexcused, select the Enabled option [3].

To set the selected event categories as excused, select the Disabled option [4].