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Elevate K-12 Analytics Release Notes (2023-06-08)

Elevate K-12 Analytics Release Notes (2023-06-08)

In this Elevate K-12 Analytics release (June 8), several bugs are fixed.


 Fixed Bugs


  • When renaming dashboards, the new name is visible from the Visuals page. Previously, the new name did not display. Additionally, when deleting a dashboard, the item displays when collapsed. Previously, the item did not display.
  • Watchlist attendance data is consistent with data found in Data Explorer. Previously, there were data discrepancies.
  • The Assessment Periods grid does not reload data without an actual change in the input field. Previously, data was reloaded without making changes in the input field.
  • The setting for Idle Session Timeout saves correctly. Previously, the toggle did not adhere, causing the session to save incorrectly.
  • The Staff Assignment metric calculates using only current staff. Previously, the metric was calculated using staff from previous years.
  • Current Grading Period and Current Session are calculated correctly. Previously, it would not allow just one time period to be calculated.

Change Log


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