How do I view scorecards for individual students in my institution?

Elevate K-12 Analytics student scorecards display a variety of individual student information in charts. These charts display multiple dimensions of an individual student's data for multiple school terms or years in the areas of enrollment, attendance, discipline, assessment performance, and assessment scores.

You can view scorecards from the Perspectives page. You can also view student scorecards from a student watchlist.

Open Perspectives

Open Perspectives

In the Navigation Menu, click the Perspectives link.

Open Student Scorecard

Open Student Scorecard

On the Perspectives page, click the Student Perspectives link [1]. Then, click the Scorecard link [2].

Select Student

Select Student

On the Search for Student page, locate the student in the student list. To view only currently enrolled students, click the Show Only Currently Enrolled toggle [1]. To search for a student by first name, last name, or lastname,firstname, enter text in the Name field [2]. To search for a student by Student ID, enter the ID in the Student ID field [3].

To select a student, click the student's Select button [4].

View Student Scorecard

The student scorecard displays the student's name, grade, school, and special programs [1].

It also displays at-a-glance recent data for key metrics in Data Widgets [2]. For more detailed student information, view the data in each scorecard section [3].

To export the scorecard, click the Share icon [4].

To add the scorecard from Perspectives page Favorites folder, click the Add to Favorites icon [5].

Show Additional Student Information

To view additional student data, click the Show additional info link.

The Student Details section displays [1].

To collapse the Student Details section, click the Hide additional info link [2].

View Scorecard Data Widgets

Data area widgets display important Metric Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the areas of attendance, behavior, passing grades, and on-time attendance. Each widget displays the metric area [1], the metric label (if configured) [2], the student's overall performance for the metric [3], the metric name [4], and the time period covered by the data [5].

Note: Administrators can view and manage metric KPIs.

View Scorecard Sections

Section of a scorecard display data for key areas such as watchlist inclusion, enrollment, attendance, discipline, assessment performance levels, assessment scores, and grades. Each section displays the key area name [1], year-over-year data [2], and performance labels (if configured by an administrator) [3].

Filter Section Data

Some sections allow you to filter the data displayed. To filter data in a section by column value, click the column's Filter icon [1]. The filter window displays [2].

Specify Filter

Specify Filter

In the filter window, you can search on text based on its location. Enter text into the text field [1]. Then, click the Location drop-down menu [2]. Select one of the following options:

  • Contains: filters the list to items containing the text.
  • Starts with: filters the list to items that start with the text.
  • Does not contain: filters the list to items that do not contain the text.

To filter the table, click the Filter button [3].

View Filtered Data

Data in the table displays items that satisfy the filter [1]. The active filter icon also displays [2].