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I am an LTI Tool Developer, and wish to test/assert my tool works correctly under canvas.

I am using the FFT system - testing LTI 1.1 was fine - it's the default connection.

To use LTI 1.3, says the account has to have the feature enabled.... but I cannot spot who to ask!

.... and yes, I would also like to make my LTI tools generally available - which I presume is also through the same key?

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Hi @Perllaghu


The way that Free-for-Teacher is set up, it would not allow for administrator-level access that is required to test out a LTI 1.3 tool or install a dev key. The two options for you would be to try: 

  • Open-source Canvas
  • Request a sandbox/go through purchase routes for Canvas

We can't, even temporarily, give administrator-level access to Canvas Free-for-Teacher. Hope this helps. 

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