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Can my students and school use temporary free-for-teacher accounts while we wait for our upgrade license and retain the same account for logging in?  Please address can we specifically use the same accounts (email address, user name, login, etc.) for both a free instructure account and with the upgraded account?


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Many teachers and students employ Free For Teachers (FFT) courses to get started while they're waiting for their institutional account to become available. However, once the school account has been established, the school will provide you with a different set of credentials and a different URL—so you'll need to maintain two separate sets of login credentials to switch back and forth between your FFT and your school accounts. 

Teachers can easily create content in FFT, export it to an .imscc package, and then import that content into the courses provided by their institution. Here are the links to instructions so you'll have them right at hand when you need them:

How do I export a Canvas course?

How do I import a Canvas course export package?

As to whether you will be able to use the same email address to create the FFT account that you'll be using for your school account, that shouldn't matter, as FFT and your institution instances will be completely separate; to be sure, though, I recommend that you check with your local Canvas admin for the district.

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