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How do I import a Canvas course export package?

How do I import a Canvas course export package?

If you have a Canvas course export package from someone else that you want to use in Canvas, or you have previously exported a course, you can import the course as a Canvas course export package. An export package is imported as an IMSCC file.


  • When imported into a course, course exports have the same limitations as course imports. For more details, please see the import content section in the Canvas Basics Guide.
  • When importing a Canvas course export package, the package will overwrite some of the existing course settings. For example, if your destination course is set up with a private copyright, and you import a package that has a creative commons (CC) copyright, the copyright license in the destination course will change from Private to CC. Please review the course setting after any course import to make sure important settings are still in place.
  • Importing the same course export package more than once will overwrite any existing content in the course. To avoid this, re-download the export file to create a new course export file before re-importing the file into your course. When you import the new file, your course will include both the content initially imported and content from the re-downloaded export file.
  • Courses are allotted a specific file size limit for file storage. Your course export package file size must be smaller than the quota for your course as shown in course statistics. If you do not have enough storage space in your course to import the export package, please contact your Canvas administrator.
  • Instructors will need to manually subscribe to or enable notifications for discussions and announcements after importing them into a new course.
  • If you import a New Quizzes assessment and then re-import the same assessment, Canvas will revert to the original assessment. To import changes to a New Quizzes assessment, you must duplicate the assessment and then import it into your course.
  • Canvas for Elementary export packages retain the Canvas for Elementary theme upon importing.

Open Settings

Open Settings

In Course Navigation, click the Settings link.

Import Content into Course

Import Content into this Course button

Click the Import Course Content link.

Select Content Type

Select Canvas Course Export Package

In the Content Type drop-down menu, choose the Canvas Course Export Package option.

Choose File

Choose File

Click the Choose File button.

Open File

Open File

Choose the .imscc file you want to import [1]. Click the Open button [2].

Select Migration Content

Select Course

To import all content from the course, select the All Content radio button [1].

If you want to select specific content, click the Select specific content radio button [2].

Note: If you select the specific content option, you are required to select the content you want to import after you review the remaining page options. After you start importing the content, the import selection cannot be canceled.  

Adjust Events and Due Dates

Select Course

If you want to adjust the due dates associated with the course events and assignments, click the Adjust events and due dates checkbox.

Import Course

Import Course

Click the Import button [1].

A progress indicator displays the upload status by percentage [2].

View Current Jobs

The Current Jobs section displays the status of your import. Running reports display a progress bar indicating the time remaining to complete the import [1].

If you chose to select specific content in your course, the current job will show as Waiting for Select [2], which means you must select the content you want to import.

The import may also display other status indicators as part of the import process. Learn more about course import statuses.

View the content from any completed imports by accessing any link in Course Navigation.

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