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Free for Teacher Feature Options

Community Team
Community Team
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For those of you who are not LMS administrators, you may not be familiar with the concept of feature options in cloud software.  One of the advantages of cloud software is that it is easier to keep it up to date than when software is installed on many localized servers or computers.  Rather than having big updates that go out several times a year, it allows a project like Canvas to have many smaller updates pushed out much more frequently, hopefully being less disruptive to users.  However, some changes may be more or less disruptive to users than others and may be more or less disruptive at certain times.  When it appears that this may be the case, software companies will sometimes employ feature flags or options that let an institution or individual administrator decide when to throw the switch and turn on a given new option.

Yesterday, a small group of people at Instructure went comprehensively through all the available options for Free for Teacher and enabled about ten new things.  So, if you use FFT you may now see a few new tools or options in menus.  Hopefully this will improve your experience.  If not, or if you have questions, please let us know.

Image courtesey of wikimedia commons

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