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Free for Teacher Gets An Update

Community Team
Community Team
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Three months ago I posted Free for Teacher Feature Options, where I described how feature options, or flags, are used in Canvas to allow institutions when to release certain changes to their own instances of Canvas. Free for Teacher, although used by many many people around the world, is effectively just a "normal" production instance of Canvas. Periodically we make decisions about which changes to enable in Canvas. Depending on how a feature is released, admins may choose to have a new change be ON, OFF, or set to ALLOW.  With the last option, individual teachers can choose whether or not to turn on the given change in their course settings.


Yesterday we did another periodic review and chose to make the following changes:


  • ePub Exporting (ALLOW) - Enable users to generate and download course content as an ePub file.
  • New User Tutorial (ON) - Provide tutorial information for new users in an expandable sidebar.
  • New Quizzes Importing (ON) - Allow importing of QTI and Common Cartridge into New Quizzes.
  • Product Tours (ON) - Assist new instructors in learning about Canvas with a in-product tutorial.
  • RCE Auto-Save (ALLOW) - If RCE Enhancements are also enabled, the RCE will auto-save your work as you go.
  • RCE Enhancements (ALLOW) - Allow switching to the enhanced RCE. This one is a prerequisite for RCE Auto Save. We briefly set it to ON, and then switched it to ALLOW.
  • Wrap event titles in Calendar month view (ON) - Show calendar events in the month view on multiple lines if the title doesn't fit on a single line.


These changes have also been reflected in our Canvas Account Comparisons PDF document.


If you'd like more information about these features, please see What feature options are currently available for Canvas courses?  ‌

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Community Contributor

Regarding the feature New Quizzes Importing (ON) - Allow importing of QTI and Common Cartridge into New Quizzes, New Quizzes isn't available for FFT at this moment. When will FFT get New Quizzes so we can try it out?

Community Team
Community Team

Hi Kelvin,

I'm not sure.  Probably in June but don't hold me to that.



Community Participant

Always appreciate FFT upgrades! Thanks.

The Calendar event title wrap is very sweet.

But the RCE auto-save???? Omigosh!! If only I had paid attention earlier. This is huge. Kudos, indeed.