How to Export a Course for Class Assignment

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I am a student working on a class assignment to create a course using e-Learning technologies. I selected Canvas as my university is moving to Canvas. I don't have access to an institutional account yet, so I created the free account. 

I created and published a small course to confirm I could understand how to export the course. I published the course and could not figure out how do export it so that I can upload the course to our current LMS and have my professor "enroll in the course" or engage in the course materials as a user.

I reached out to my professor and he provided a link a Canvas community post about exporting the course. In following the directions that was link to the post, I went into settings, then clicked on the download course content button. However, from there, the view that i have on my screen is different from the directions. And the course is not listed even though I published it. 

I've done numerous searches on the boards, and I have found lots of advice about many topics, but i cannot seem to locate the information I need. 

So, my question is -- how do I export the course? if I export the course, will my professor be able to use these files as a student and get the full course experience so he can evaluate the design and effectivenss of the content? 

Thanks in advance! I'm attaching what I see when after I click on "download course content" there isn't any prompt for me to do anything else when i get that far, so I'm at a dead end. 





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Community Coach

Hi, @ChristineBodzia ,

Since you are having lots of trouble with the usual ways, I have a couple more ideas for you:

1. Have your professor create a free account, and invite him to the course as a student under the email associated with his free account. 

2. You can use Canvas Commons, which is an object/resource repository, that allows teachers and instructional designers to share resources with each other across both your school district, and even the world. Once you have access to an institutional account under your current school, you can share the course made on your free account to commons. Then, on your school account import that into your course that you’re enrolled as a teacher/ta/designer in and have your instructor would be enrolled as a student in, or would have the ability to go enter student view in, so they can participate that way.


Do these sound like work-around solutions for you?

Let me know, I’m here to help!

Noah B.

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