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I have recently been added to a course as a designer. I did not create the course, but I have been given the task of managing the accounts etc. One of the participants have tried to log in, but can no longer access the course. 

This is the student's email:

I tried to login again today using the link provided in the email you sent me
upon registration. This time instead of presenting me the course directly like
in the first time the system provided me the login to Canvas.
When I tried to recover a password it sent me the message below telling me 
to contact you.
This is the message they got: 

You requested a confirmation of your password for logging into Canvas.

This address is associated with the login, ["Long number"]. (I have removed their number)

The password for this login should have been given to you by the system administrators at Free for Teacher, and Instructure doesn't have access to your password. If your password is not working, please contact the system administrators about changing or verifying your password.


What should I do in this instance? i have no idea how to change or verify their password. That option does not appear to me when I look at the profiles of the participants.