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i need help to publish my courses, every time i try to publish appeared a message that said.
"To complete the registration, click on the link "finish the registration process" that was sent to your email"

i don't receive any email for that accion.

I already resend the email confirmation but it just say " The email address _____ is registering with canvas.instructure.com for the user, ______.

What else can i do? I need to get ready those course for next monday, hope someone can help me.

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Hi @IntegridadELP 

Are you asking about a Free-for-Teachers (FFT) account? If so, your registration email may have ended up in your email's SPAM or Junk folder.

If you are asking about a paid Canvas account through your school, then you should contact your school's Canvas Admin/Support department for assistance because it sounds like there is a problem with your account registration.

Good luck,



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