Any Nuro Retention Users?

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Hello everyone, I posed this in the general question board as well but thought I would post it here for anyone who may be able to provide some help.

We are preparing to implement Nuro Retention for early alert functionality. I know that Nuro is an Alliance Partner ( and was hoping that if there are any Nuro users out there that they would be willing to share their experience and any suggestions as we get started.


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Instructure Alumni

Hi, ericwerth‌, to avoid the prospect of parallel response threads, I've shared the question you posted to Find Answers‌—Nuro Retention Users? —into this group, and will lock this one for further participation. For future reference, rather than posting the same question in multiple places, you can create it once (ideally in Find Answers), and then "share" it out to any other group of which you're a member. To share a question, select Share from the menu you'll see at the top of the question screen.

So Community, please respond to Eric's question at 

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