Canvas for Student Training?

Community Participant

Is anyone using Canvas as a student training platform for institutional technologies, software, campus policies, onboarding, student resources, services, and required training?  We are looking to try this out as a way to meet student needs, standardize training across 11 campuses, have assigned resources/information/training, and automate as much as possible.  I am looking to learn from the community and do a little brainstorming on how you are or could train students using Canvas.  If you don't use Canvas in this manner, but would like to, add your 2 cents and join the group.  Thanks!

Here is what we are wanting to do or could be missing that would be nice:

  • Create training that all new students are assigned to.
  • Public access training for soon-to-be students.
  • Specialized training for identified students and groups.
  • Send notifications to students if they haven't completed an assignment/training by a set number of days.
  • Automated report/transcript created and exported.
  • How do you handle your student training in Canvas?