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Canvas for Student Training?

Is anyone using Canvas as a student training platform for institutional technologies, software, campus policies, onboarding, student resources, services, and required training?  We are looking to try this out as a way to meet student needs, standardize training across 11 campuses, have assigned resources/information/training, and automate as much as possible.  I am looking to learn from the community and do a little brainstorming on how you are or could train students using Canvas.  If you don't use Canvas in this manner, but would like to, add your 2 cents and join the group.  Thanks!

Here is what we are wanting to do or could be missing that would be nice:

  • Create training that all new students are assigned to.
  • Public access training for soon-to-be students.
  • Specialized training for identified students and groups.
  • Send notifications to students if they haven't completed an assignment/training by a set number of days.
  • Automated report/transcript created and exported.
  • How do you handle your student training in Canvas?
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Hi @mkollman . I would say that our university does some of that which you describe. For each of our nursing programs, we have a Canvas "Information Site" to which all students who enter that program are added. They remain in the Canvas site until they are graduated. Each cohort is, in addition, added to a Canvas section so that content can be targeted to those who would best benefit from it. All of the student services, academic advisors, etc are there so that they can post news about resources, conferences, general announcements, whatever. The sites are built on Modules so that students can see things like "Distance Learning Resources" for example. Many schools have built Canvas getting started courses and make them accessible to others, we once linked through the redirect tool to those courses as a training platform for students, but found that our students really didn't need them -- they pick up Canvas really quickly simply by navigating the Information Site.

Soon-to-be students are more problematic because until they are a student, they have no university username. Creating guest accounts and adding them to Canvas resources, then swapping them out after they have permanent ids was more problematic than valuable.

Notifications to students not completing assignments is not an automatic process, but we can take advantage of the gradebook's "Message Students Who" relatively easily.


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