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Comments and HIghlighting Options Disappeared

My Comments, Highlighting, section at the top of the papers that I am trying to grade has disappeared. I cannot now make remarks for my students in the body of their papers. How do I get that back, please?

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Community Team
Community Team

 @kpitts , can you clarify what you mean by "has disappeared"? Is this an assignment that you were previously grading in SpeedGrader with no issues, and when you navigated to another submission you no longer had the annotation tools? Keep in mind that Crocodoc annotation tools are only available for supported file types (as discussed in How do I use Crocodoc in Canvas assignments?​), so if the submission was not an online file upload of the .doc/.docx, .ppt/.pptx, and .pdf file type, the annotation capability will not be available.

If this is an assignment with a compatible file type and you've been grading all along with no issues, and suddenly lost the annotation tools, you might need to check other variables. Different computer? Different browser? Did a student upload a file that was created in a different program but she saved it as a .doc--so the file appears to be compatible, but in fact is not?

There are a number of moving parts here, so first check the assignment settings to make sure you're not allowing text entry or incompatible submission types.

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I will note which sort of files will not allow in-text comments and then I will write back.


Kathy Pitts

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I have been using the Mark-up tools on multiple assignments this year but I now have an assignment where they are not present (assignment 1.1.5).  This is for all of the 1.1.5 assignments students have turned in.  They are all docx files not sure why this assignment is being treated differently by the speedgrader. 

I have attached two screen shots.  Any help would be appreciated.


254810_mark up tools.PNG

254811_No mark up.PNG

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I am the instructional designer on campus and have an instructor who is experiencing this. Any solutions?