Continuing conversation messages after leaving course.

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We have had students who continue to receive messages from instructors of courses they have dropped. Is this normal? Is there a way to discontinue conversation messages to students who have been withdrawn from a course?

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Community Coach

 @bwaters ​, I'm guessing it may have to do with how your institution handles dropped students. I just tested this with my own course - sent an email out to everyone (reminding them of their initial discussion post being due tonight) and then masqueraded as a student I dropped earlier this week. The student had emails from me (unread of course) all the way up until the day he got dropped and then didn't have any emails from me/from the course.

For us when students are dropped at this point in the semester their enrollment in the course is concluded. This means they no longer show up under People or in the Gradebook unless you "view prior enrollments" (People) or "show concluded enrollments" (Grades). You can also tell that the student should no longer get any emails from the course because they shouldn't show up under "Students" in the Inbox.

On your side of things how is dropping students handled? Are the dropped students still showing up in People, Grades, Inbox?

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