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Plagiarism Checker (Turnitin Problems)

We are currently using Turnitin  and have had a terrible experience since it moved from the API to LTI.  The documents are not being sent back to Canvas from Turnitin, so the work around is for the students to resubmit. In order to resubmit the instructor has to change the settings for multiple submissions.  Also, sometimes the turnitin link does not work.

Is anyone else having this problem.

Is there another plagiarism checker that sends the documents back to Canvas so that the instructor can grade and use their rubrics.

Marci Grant


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Community Team
Community Team

MG458913, I'd like to call your attention to Alternative to Turnitin? , where this exact conversation is already underway. Please add your questions and feedback to the existing discussion. To keep Community resources and participation consolidated, I'm going to lock this question for further participation.