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Rich Content Editor for Quiz Questions

I have submitted a Feature Idea to Canvas that opened for voting August 5th, and I am hoping you will check it out and vote it up so that Canvas will consider it.

The Feature Idea is titled "Rich Content Editor (RCE) for Matching Question Types." The Rich Content Editor (RCE) is available to use in *most* quiz question types, but not Matching questions. A lot of instructors would like to use images, or bold/italicize text, or use other options in quiz answers, and without the Rich Content Editor instructors are not able to do that. It needs to be available to use in ALL quiz questions types.

The direct link to the Idea is Please consider adding a comment as well, and please also ask your fellow instructors to vote on this also.

Thanks for your consideration!

Elizabeth Jackson

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hi @ejackson 

I voted for this, as an employee, my vote doesn't count in quite the same way. I'll try to make sure that a few others I know in HE see your idea.

The great news was that it appeared to have already climbed over 100 votes.  Good job!

Community Champion

Thank you so much!  Smiley Happy

Community Contributor

I voted.  Great idea.

Community Champion

Hi there,  @ejackson ‌!

With the addition of - I'm marking this as "Assumed Answered". If you haven't had a chance to check out the next generation of Canvas Quizzes, you really should Smiley Wink

Thanks, I have been checking out the Quizzes Next, and am looking forward to seeing how it all comes out. Hopefully be good! Smiley Happy